Strategies for Successful Weight Loss Surgery - Women Talk Live Podcast, October 6, 2012



My guests are both an important part of the “team” at the Bariatric Center of Excellence at Saint Agnes Hospital that helps patients have a successful outcome to their weight loss surgery.  Why weight loss surgery?  It may be the best option for an obese patient to start on the path to a healthy lifestyle.  Cathy and Dawn explained many facts of interest for someone considering bariatric surgery from how to find out what you need to make a decision about having the surgery, to what types of surgery are available, things you must do to prepare yourself – physically, emotionally and mentally – for pre- and post-surgery.  Most importantly, they talked about the ultimate commitment that needs to be made for a major lifestyle change that determines the long-term success of bariatric surgery.   Is it worth it?  They say “yes” – it can be life changing and life saving for so many people who desire a healthier life and a quality life.


Guests: Cathy Carr-Dadin, RN, Certified Bariatric Nurse and Bariatric Services Coordinator at Saint Agnes Hospital


Dawn O’Meally, LCSW-C, who conducts mental health evaluations for various bariatric surgeons and facilitates support group meetings at Saint Agnes Hospital.

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