Our focus will be on the cognitive & behavioral changes necessary to help you obtain your weight loss goals and to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.  At STRIVE MD we want YOU to be able to make the healthy choices necessary to meet your goals.  All classes are taught virtually online. 
Series I - Outlined

Each STRIVE series includes 7 meetings. 



Overview of the STRIVE MD Motivational Series I


1. Making Preparations Getting Ready for Your Change Journey


2. The Progression, Acceptance, & Ownership Process


3. PART I Losing Weight Is a Mind Game; Change Your Mind Change Your Body


4. Understanding The “ANTS” & Their Sabotaging Effect On Your Life


5. Those Sabotaging “ANTS” Learn The Prescription to Kill Them


6. Time for a Paradigm Shift to Remove The Excuses


7. Creating Your Vision  boards and Graduation.


The fee for all 7 sessions of Series I, 14-hours of group therapy, and access to TWO clinical specialists at each session, is only $300.00.  The $300 fee includes a $35 binder of materials. We do not offer refunds. 

The $300 is due in full no less than 5 business days prior to the start of your group.  Follow steps 1-6 below to enroll. 

Attending each session is imperative to the continuity of group therapy.

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Insurance is not accepted. 


Please see the Financial Policy and Participant Agreement for details.  These forms are available for download under our forms tab HERE.  


By enrolling you are agreeing to attend all parts of the series and complete all assignments. The morale of the group will depend, in part, on your consistent attendance and involvement.  If you drop out prematurely or attend inconsistently, this will be disruptive and may hurt the morale of the other group members.


*All fees are subject to change without notice. 


  1. Complete the online registration form below or by clicking HERE.

  2. Please remit your payment of $300 no later than 5 business days prior to your first group meeting.  If you fail to pay this by the date listed you will be removed from the group and required to re-enroll in our next group by going to  You can also call 443-490-1240 to pay over the phone.


  3. Please COMPLETE the New Participant Packet and bring it with you to your first session and email it to our providers HERE.  

  4. IMPORTANT: If you are a patient actively seeking a revision to a prior weight loss surgery, you must also complete this form and bring it to your first session.  

  5. Sit back and relax!  Our office will email you instructions for picking up your books and goodies as well as the link to participate in the online webinar for your series. 

Upcoming Dates/ REGISTER BELOW

Below are the dates for all groups being offered in 2020.  Registration for groups will not open until after the previous group has started. 


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